We’ve seen examples that
shed light on inequality. We’ve seen this from both the past and present – and we’ve seen
this in vivid and wide sweeping ways that impact all races and cultures.
The reality is that we live in a world that does
not - and has not - treated people equally. This
is a problem that needs to be addressed with a new approach.

These calls to social action have fueled awareness and dialogue on the critical need for equity and equality.

The spirit of these movements assert that we must embrace differences and allocate more resources to the communities who need them the most.

Let's embrace this mindset and fuel the IDEA of EQUAL.

The idea of equal is...




With almost 1/4 of our population being a visible minority, this touches all of Canada daily.

We have the opportunity and can move from division, to unity, action and impact. We cannot waste it.

We will drive greater equality and equity through collective action and education.

How can you get involved?

• CARE: Commit to EQUAL and fight for equality. Turn the EQUAL into ACTION.

• SHARE: Join the 1 Billion Acts of Equal and spread the movement to others.

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Ready to take action?