Idea to Action:

Our goal at EQUAL is to take the idea to ACTION. We will provide guidance, leadership and examples to help make our world a bit more equal. Here are 4 ways:

  1. Manifesto: EQUAL Manifesto. Live in an equal state of mind
  2. Movement: Join the 1 Billion Acts of Equal movement
  3. Main Street: Companies can join us and help tip the scales in a big way
  4. Merch: Wear your equal stripes with pride


Action to Outcome:

These actions only matter if they lead to OUTCOMES. We will use the EQUAL movement to create an economic engine that fuels education for at risk youth. Our partner of choice to enable this is the Pinball Clemons Foundation. We will:

  • Empower youth through education to bring them from the margins to the mainstream
  • Provide marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society
  • Ensure all youth are reading at grade level and graduating from high school ready for post-secondary education
  • Customized mentorship program and financial support remove barriers that often hinder success

Ultimately the goal is to see youth successfully enter the workforce, gainfully employed in careers they desire.